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Its success story hasn’t been written by just one man however. It has been the life story of a talented, passionate and closely knit team. A few years ago, Ugo, the eldest son of Leo Guy, has joined the family business to carry on its history.

In 1978 Leo Guy was only 21 years old when he started his own business. Nowadays, Ugo, who is 25 years old, has become one of the driving forces behind LEO GUY’s corporate life.
In order to pass over the baton to his son and to place him centre stage, Leo Guy has decided to make a brand name change. By becoming “LEO & UGO”, the company will stay true to the achievements of the past of “LEO” and will look forwards a bright future for “UGO”.

"Without changing our “hand writing” in the evolution of our collections, we are committed to look towards the future and our new brand name will symbolize this." Leo Guy


We wish at least another 40 years of success to LEO & UGO! !

I send you my best regards.





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