Celebrating the moment and life without taking ourselves too seriously is our mission. Convincing handling of weather conditions, coupled with urban design, is characteristic of our street fashion.

But making the world more beautiful is not enough for us!
Since its inception, the brand has been working with the same producers in Portugal and China. These are small, family-run companies. Optimum working conditions, as well as fair pay for workers, have always been a prerequisite for this.We want our globe to be happier and fairer.

Maintaining the planet we live on is the most important task for all human beings.

the thieves are constantly trying to find the best and most ecological materials and processes for the collections. Materials such as Kapok and Sorona are used as thermal insulation of winter jackets. These fillings are environmentally friendly and are based on renewable raw materials.

Maintaining the planet on which we live is the most important task for all human beings. Careful use of resources and the protection of the environment and nature are a matter of course. With your collaboration, the brand derbe supports the marine conservation organisation Sea Shepherd.

Sustainable - ORGANIC COTTON

derbe uses only organic cotton for your collections (kbA). Our polyester is made of recycled material.

Animal-free - VEGAN
thieves completely dispense with animal products in their collections. PETA thanks it with its SEAL of approval PETA - APPROVED.



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